Lost Ending Mystery Found and Lost 2010 Finale Explanation

Written by on Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Lost Finale Explanation and Lost Alternative Ending – We became a follower of this popular TV series and after six long years, the Lost Cast and Staff finally say goodbye today. But it was not just a finale episode but the cast also shared their favourite scnes and game some inside scoops too.

Apparently, the plot of the final episode was fairly straight forward and predictable – the plight of the surviving members of Oceanic Flight 815 would come to a close in a battle between good and the bad.

The series ends as the cast comes together in Eloise Hawking’s old church. In a touching moment, Ben asks for Locke’s forgiveness (after all, he did murder him). Ultimately previous wrongs are made right and loved ones are reunited in an effort to finally move on.

But after the said finale episode, many questions still remained unanswered. Is this a possible make fr the Lost Season 7? Or the finale episode might be a recap and preview of the new episode? We will all find it out for the next couple of months.

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  1. Al Winston on May 28th, 2010

    LOST explained: You’ll notice the ‘source’ of the island seen in the cave with the light looks like a giant sphincter. It is. The island is the ass of the world and the sphincter is the output for all the shit inside. The rock that Desmond moved was the Great Butt-Plug of the World, which contained all the shit. The smoke monster came into being when the Man in Black fell in and disrupted the ButtPlug, and some runny shit (aka Cosmic Diarrhea) squirted out. The Smoke Monster would smear the island with shit, wreaking all kinds of havoc. Jacob was the Mr. Clean of the island, but the job of wiping up all the runny shit-stains of the smoke monster was too much for him. Fortunately, the runny shit that escaped caused all kinds of shit-storms in the sea and in the air that brought people to the island. Sadly, they did not have the janitorial excellence required to clean up all the skid marks of the island. When people died on the island, it would always be under shitty circumstances, so like shit they’d get flushed, purified, and then reappeared in the nice, clean toilet tank of purgatory. Once all the litte purified turds were there, they got the Royal Flush to the afterlife. There. Now you have it. ‘Lost’ was nothing but a pile of crap. Oh, and the bomb was the plunger to backed up toilet of the plot.

  2. blondannas on May 29th, 2010

    Are you starting a blog? Is there a movement afoot to promote another season of Lost? Granted, there are many mysteries that remain that would provide many episodes, but the finale as is was elegant in its summary. If there is to be more chapters in your commentary, I would like to read them.
    Also, there are explanation for the Egyptian connection and a few other mysteries which still confound the viewers who complain on many of the boards.

  3. Letsee on May 30th, 2010

    Man I love that explanation from Al Winston above. Six years for toilet cleaning. That is a shit. Nice one mate.

  4. george on May 30th, 2010

    the season finale was one of the worst in history. 6 years to lead up to nothing

  5. Al Winston on November 14th, 2010

    And now with the epilogue out, we can offer further insight:

    “From the people who brought you ‘Lost’” will have the same sales impact as “from the makers of salmonella”. We knew the series would end badly when the writers admitted they had no idea where they were going with the plot into season 3, and when they also claimed that they would surprise everybody. Well, there were such great theories posted in so many places and with so many ideas that the writers had to end it . . . by not really ending it. The whole thing was garbage and followed the pattern of the Battlestar Gallactica remake: writers creating plot twists and corners with no intention and no idea on how to resolve the story. As marketers, they should be proud; as writers they are utter failures and should be humiliated. Why anyone would buy the DVD or BluRay is unfathomable; it’s like eating a great meal knowing you’ll have horrible explosive diarrhea for week- no matter how good the food is, would you eat it again?

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