World Cup Finals 2010: Netherlands Aims to Maintain Undefeated Record 0

Netherlands has remained to be undefeated until now that it is already finals. It will the face Spain, the team who has been known to let their opponents suffer with a remarkable rate of ball possession. This match won’t end easily for sure. Reaching this spot is indeed a lot of achievement. Just imagine surpassing 30 countries to reach this far.

The final match would happen at the Soccer City in South Africa June 11, 2010 at exactly 8:30 pm of their local time. 94,000 crown would be cheering for each of the teams are they comprise the number of seated audience. Live telecast would be offered by each of the countries’ local TV stations. For us residents ABC, ESPN, and Univision will be offering it. Spain vs Netherlands live stream are aslo availble in various online sites such as ESPN3, Ustream, Sopcast and Justin TV.

Every FIFA fans whether from the two opposing countries of not would have been very excited at this moment. Together let’s watch and enjoy the game.

World Cup 2010 Germany vs Uruguay Live Stream: Match Analysis and Updated Highlights 0

World Cup 2010 Live Stream –After unsuccesful trip to the Semi Finals for both teams, they are now going head-to-head in an epic match to win the third place at the FIFA World Cup. This will be a crucial game for both team as this could be there make or break game.

This will be an intense game that will be provided to you by ESPN3 at exactly 2:30PM ET. The match between the Germany and Uruguay will be played here at the Durban.

All of us will be watching this important game as this will be the last match for both of these team. This will be the game that would determine which team could atleast win a title at the World Cup 2010. Germany is a big team that could give hard time for Uruguay.

ESPN and ABC will be broadcasting the games in the U.S., live  stream of this game will be shown at The live stream feed will be free of charge to those in the U.S. who get their Internet from a service provider affiliated with ESPN, including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and many others.

Or you may also check several free live streaming sites such as Justin TV, Sopcast and Vshare or you may check here for live feed of the game as it happens.

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