Knockout Is Expected In The Pacquiao-Mosley Fight 0

The Pacquiao-Mosley fight will be taking place hours from now and the entire world are looking forward to it. The fight is going to be the best boxing fight this year as it showcases two of the world’s best boxers. Both are superb in speed, power and stamina that’s why even though Mosley has been considered to be the underdog in the fight, Pacquiao isn’t playing safe and has given his 100% in his trainings. He isn’t considering Mosley as underdog at all. Instead he is seeing him as one of his toughest opponents.

Mosley is having an advantage over Pacquiao in terms of reach and height but he is older. Some analysts believe that as the boxer ages, its speed and stamina diminishes as well. However, Mosley is somewhat different, as he remained that great in his previous fights.

Most of the bets that has been laid out for this fight are on who’s going to knockout the other as both boxers are having majority of their wins by way of knockout. Some are betting on the maximum round a player could remain standing while others on how early will their fight end.

No one really knows who’s going to win the fight as both as equally amazing. If you haven’t bought that pay per view ticket yet, you should start looking for that Pacquiao vs Mosley live stream sport site so that you won’t be left behind.

Super Bowl Ads 2011:Battle of the Super Bowl Commercials 2011 Begins 5

Super Bowl Ads 2011:Battle of the Super Bowl Commercials 2011 Begins - The NFL championship showdown will be held this coming Sunday. The match of AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers and NFC champion Green Bay Packers will decide the NFL champion for the year 2010, on February 6, 2011 at the Cowboy stadium in Arlington, Texas.

This is the 8th Super Bowl appearance of the Pittsburgh Steelers on which they they won six Super Bowl titles. Green Bay Packers enters the Super Bowl for the fifth time. The Packers won 3 Super Bowl titles. They also have nine league titles. The rivalry of Steelers and Packers will continue this year as they will play for the fourth time in the Super Bowl (they played in the Super Bowl XIV, Super Bowl XLI, and Super Bowl XLIII).

Aside from the football showdown of Steelers and Packers, the Super Bowl Ads 2011 showdown will be on the big day. The annual football championship game also serves as a big market for the advertisers on which they can advertise with a guaranteed $10 million people to watch. The Super Bowl Commercials 2011 cost about $3 million for a 30 seconds airing time.

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